Suicide Prevention Activities

SLS Trust has been actively supporting suicide prevention activities in northern Sri Lanka for almost 8 years. The Jaffna Centre, Kai Kodukkum Nanparkal (கை கொடுக்கும் நண்பர்கள் ) was established as the 11th branch of Sri Lanka Sumithrayo.
This centre has now reached a sustainable stage where no more financial assistance is needed. Our attention has shifted to the Eastern Province where there is a bg vaccum in this area.
With a mounting number of suicides taking place in this region, urgent action is needed.

Street play to reduce suicides

With the help of Aarohana School for Dramatic Art and Semmuham Theatre Group, a street play named "உயிர்கள் என்ன விலை?" (What price is a life?) has been produced. Written by Mavai Nithianandan and directed by Seelan, the play has already seen successful performances in many villages.

Volunteer Training

The Volunteers do not receive any payment whatsoever.


Volunteers Visit Elders Homes

Volunteers spend time with people in Elders Homes.