SLS Trust (Sri Lanka) - Not for Profit
Company limited by Guarantee


T. Nithianandan
S. Thevarajah
T. Kasinathan


Sustainable NE - Not for Profit Association
incorporated in Australia

Office Bearers:

Chairperson: K.Kumanan
Vice President: T.Satkumaran
Secretary: M.Balacumar
Treasurer: G. Thirukumaran
Committee Members:
T.Nithianandan, A.Poobalasingam,

Our Approach

Our Vision

  • Primary purpose: General well-being and improved living conditions for people in Sri Lanka, particularly women and children.
  • Secondary purpose: Sustainable income generation for people affected by the war and others in general.

Our Story

Our Objectives

1. Supporting suicide prevention and mental health activities among people recovering from the effects of the long drawn out war in Sri Lanka

2. Providing grant and know how to develop organic farming in Sri Lanka, that positively impact on the health and wellbeing of the people.

3. Supporting programs and activities to protect the environment and natural resources in Sri Lanka.

4. Sustainable livelihood and economic empowerment programs for people, particularly women and the disabled resettling after the end of the war in Sri Lanka.

     Australian Body

To support the activities carried out by SLS Trust on the ground, "Sustainable NE Inc." a not for profit entity was established in Australia in 2017.